Why do some girls say this/worry about this when it comes to how they look?

I have noticed on here some girls don't like wearing skirt/dresses or getting all dressed up and stuff because they do not want people to think they are trying too hard. Others have said they don't dress up a lot because they don't like comments from others about why they are all dressed up or who they are trying too look good for. So my questions is two fold: Why do some girls not like wearing skirts/dresses and getting dressed up? Why nowadays when a girl gets dressed up people assume it's for someone else?

Is anyone going to respond to my comments? :(


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  • Part 1: Because looking nice takes effort. Serious effort and time.

    You need to find a dress, buy it, make sure it matches your shoes and bag and hair(or buy new accessories) and then find matching jewellery.

    Then you need to fix up your make-up and hair to make your look more even(so that you don't look weird with a beautiful dress and messy hair). You need to shave your legs and armpits and then apply moisturizer everywhere to make all exposed areas even. Some even apply foundation to even out skin tone.

    After you've got everything together you also need to calculate what time of the month it is because sometimes you wake up and your stomach is bloated and then you can't wear the dress because you'll look slightly fatter. You also need to take care of your hair the night before because hair is highly temperamental and changes overnight.

    Some girls also worry about losing the weight before dressing up, which is an additional effort.

    Some girls just don't think it's worth it to work so hard for nothing.

    Part 2: See part 1. Looking nice everyday is a long and tedious effort that most girls aren't willing to go through everyday. If you're doing it, most will assume you're doing it for a reason. It just so happens that the reason most people try to look attractive is to attract the opposite gender. While it's not always true, it can't be avoided.

    • After reading your answer I can see why some girls wouldn't go through all that.

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    • Do you have to do all that wearing skirts or is it just when wearing dresses?

    • To be honest, it applies to all clothing, not just skirts and dresses. Most girls go through a similar/simplified process on a daily basis just so they can maintain a certain standard for their looks.

      It just so happens that shirts and dresses look nicer or more formal so we need to try harder to match it.


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  • -Some women just don't believe in putting an effort into the way they look.

    There could be many reasons why.

    Maybe they just aren't the type that likes to get dolled up, maybe its because of financial reasons, maybe its because they have low self esteem, maybe because of beliefs etc.

    -If a woman is going to wear a very hot outfit which compliments her curves, and a reasonable amount of make up (and nice hair) this is going to attract men. So, it is only natural for one to assume she dressed up for someone. Especially, if she isn't the type to usually doll herself up.

    • The last sentence put in on spot. The girls who I show typing those things were the type that didn't really doll themselves a lot, so maybe that was why they were getting those types of comments.

  • i don't dress up or look my best all the time or even everyday...especially because I play sports...and even though girls and guys have told me I have "natural beauty" when I do feel really good or happy and I dress up to match my upbeat mood...like a nice skirt and shirt or something I don't like the idea of all these guys looking and lusting because I didn't dress for ANYONE especially some pervy guy I dressed for myself and to feel confident in myself...not that I don't like compliments or anything but some days its all about myself...meaning I dress up for myslf and put makeup on for myself no one else (I usually might not even go out but if I have to I don't want stares) :( it can make me feel objectified when I just had a boost of happiness and confidence in myself

  • it all depends on the girls comfort level. I know for example if I have some extra time in the morning ill do a blowout super hot look because it makes me feel confident for that day but other days ill just wake up and go to school. If I want to look special for someoen then ill do the blow out just for them whenever I know that I am goingto see them. I wouldn't assume that every girls dresses up for someone special but the likely hood is that they are

    • If you dress up for someone is it a guy you have a crush on that you know you will be around?

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    • Why?

    • Why?Do you think they will notice you?

  • i care about how I look because I don't want my hair to be ugly and imagine if a girl was flirting with you and had a fat bugger in their nose ew! I never heard to dressed up thang before

    • Do you normally wear dresses and other stuff a lot?

  • I always wear dreeses

    • Really, that's cool. Why?

    • Cuz I care about how I look and dresses make me feel good about myself and feel. Pretty

    • What kind do you like to wear?

  • I wear what I want, when I want.

  • because people are annoying. I don't get all dressed up every day because I am a bit lazy if there is no occasion to look nice. besides it is easier to find basics like some nice jeans and solid shirts that hug my shape but look casual. and they are more comfortable. and if I look too nice all the time, imagine how hard I will have to try when I want to look special?

    i dress up for work or if I am going out on a date or somewhere nice with friends like if I'm going into the city I'd dress up more. but if I'm going to school or going shopping alone I don't dress up.

    i do wear casual skirts sometimes though. not always pants.

    • I love the first sentence you typed, so true. So, skirts can be casual but not dresses?

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    • Is it also the fact that you don't have to worry about them (jeans) getting dirty,crossing your legs or the wind?

    • yes

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