Do you think I have an obsession problem with training?

I work my butt off to get a Scott Herman type body. Two years ago I starting lifting weights heavily and haven't stopped. I also am a pretty gifted runner although focus my training on weights. My fastest half marathon being one hr 26 min last month. I'm currently 5 foot 9, 168 lbs and about 8 % body fat. I want to peak at 6 % body fat and 175 lbs. I think that would give me the best looking body and good overall fitness too. But when I look in the mirror and see the a gap between my pectorals I hate it and go to the gym and focus all me effort on trying to build complete pecs. I also hate how my abdominal s are too centralized and not bulky or round enough. I hate how my arms don't build like the rest of my body. I want to run a one hr 20 min half marathon next year... just get bigger faster stronger. These thoughts don't like overtake everything but they are frequent.


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  • I have the same problem. Not with training, but with running


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  • Yeah, you're obsessed. You seem much more preoccupied with your appearance than your abilities. Athletes at least attempt to be the best at what they do, and use it to do good in the world (sometimes). You seem insecure about your appearance and that's it. If it affects your life in any negative ways, it's not only an obsession but an addiction. I'd advise you to seek professional help to get to the bottom of it.