Should I run shirtless or with a shirt?

I am from the suburbs and can't really get away from people.

I am very fit with a 6 pack. I have an athletic physique. The problem is I am super pale.

May is not a good month for Irish skin. It takes a while for me to tan and it just started getting hot here.

Super self conscious people will laugh at me. What should I do?


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  • I like guys with shirts on but I also like guys with pale skin so I would recommend keeping your shirt on. :)


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  • firstly why are you conscious about the fact your not tanned. .. just be proud of who you are and if the fact you can't get away from people due to your six pack is bothering you then maybe you'll be more comfortable wearing a t-shirt.

    I don't think people will laugh at u, its something that you've assumed. Be confident in yourself, and go running. You are doing it for u, not to impress others right?

    • of course. I like to run and it is more confortable shirtless

  • .. run without a shirt if that's what you feel... and if you have the body you say you have they

    will be like damn look at that pale white boy but what a BODY^_^... don't care

  • go tanning for a week until you get tan enough, shouldn't be too expensive. then you can run shirtless if you want to.

  • shirtless ;)


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  • I'm pale but also have a six pack.

    I don't really care what people think though (=

    Just take it off and put some sun cream if you are worried about getting burned!

    • True true. I only run for an hour and that is not close to long enough for me to get sunburned.

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    • I wish I had the "who cares what people think" attitude. :/

      Gotta work on it

    • Just put in some earphones and look ahead. I run a lot and I try and block out people when I do. I used to feel conscious about people laughing at my hair when it was long and I was running but even if somebody would laugh I usually wouldn't notice or just look away (: Earphones and looking ahead help!

  • If you don't mind getting sunburned...

    • I hardly ever get sunburned

  • just do the shirtless thing,

  • Take it day by day.

    If it was me, I would go with a shirt, and maybe once a week without a shirt. Have to give any suburban housewives something to look forward to. lol

    There's nothing wrong with being pale by the way. How boring it would be for all good looking people to look a certain way.