Acceptable hairstyles in the military.

Male, Female, I want to know because I will be going in soon. What is a hairstyle that will stay for the entire time of basic, without breaking. Are braids allowed? What type of ponytails are allowed? I don't want to shave my hair off. But if I have to cut it above my collar I will.


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  • Boot camp hair requirements are even more strict than normal military requirements. Don't even worry about your hair in basic. You have absolutely no say when you get a haircut. You will get one shortly after you get there, and then you will periodically get more over the course of training when you are told. You have absolutely no control over it. The only think you control is what your hair looks like when you show up. And that really isn't important because it will get cut right away, in your case it will probably be cut to just above the collar.

    • My hair will be cut even if I am a girl? Do you mean clipping the ends or a full-blown chop off?

    • It will be cut to just above the collar.

    • Okay, that is cool. Thank you!


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  • everyone wears pony tails

    • Like the bun ponytails? Or does it matter?

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