I really want to get my belly button peirced but my boyfriend said he might break up with me if I get it done

Ww have been dating for over two years now. I really need hello on this one!


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  • Question, why do you want to get it done? Make sure you want it for the right reasons first.

    Next, assuming you feel it important enough to you and feel validated in those reasons ask why he'd want to break up with you over it and hear his reservations about it. If he can't change your mind ask him if there's a compromise you can come to, like helping pick your piercing or getting one that isn't as noticeable, otherwise it might not be avoidable.

    • Ever since doth grade I have wanted my belly button peirced.. So I've wanted it for quite some time now. Also I'll try talking him into a compromise ..


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  • (No idea why Pebyron blocked me. I would have just +1'd his answer and left this as a comment, but, whatever...)

    I say Pebyron said it quite nicely. Don't change your body unnecessarily. and indeed your boyfriend is a moron if he broke up with you over something so stupid and petty. Your choice is which you want more, but really, your boyfriend sounds like a dumbass.

  • Your body is a temple

    Take care of it

    Don't damage or change it unnecessarily

    Oh, and your boyfriend is stupid if he'd break up with you for that

    I personally love piercings on girls that aren't on the face


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  • You do what you want with YOUR body. First of all, you're under 18. There's about a one in 100,000 chance you're going to stay together forever. Secondly, do you want to be dating a guy who would break up with you over a belly button ring? Or WORSE, who would blackmail you? Blackmail is so utterly disrespectful. There is no love in such a cowardly action.

    But seriously consider if YOU want the belly button ring. They're cute at your age, yes, but they are PERMANENT.

    • I never said anything about blackmail... But even tough I am under 18 I've thought a lot about getti my belly peirced and I really do want it.

    • It's an ultimatum. "Don't do this or I will break up with you." It's completely disrespectful and not how you treat anyone you like/love.

  • It's your body and I say do what you want. If your boyfriend is willing to break up with you over something so trivial then you can get a better one anyway ;)