Why are some men painting their fingers and toenails?

I mean, I see them with female partners but where do we draw the line between what defines masculinity and femininity? Personally, I'm totally disgusted by this idea. Are women really OK and attracted by this sort of male behavior? Isn't this really crossing over the line?


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  • Victorian age with men wearing wiggs and stockings..go figure. Media doesn't help with the lesbo feminists who hate men and want them to become like them, only to chase after the men who are masculine.. *confused?*

    Idk if it is' women', but I do know women who are bisexual who don't mind it.. I'd go so far to suggest it is apart of the concept of 'equality',and destroying any form of identity one could possibly have, so society won't be 'alienated', in turn, you end up with a bunch of freaks. Mostly of mixed backgrounds, I mean this in all regards as far as gender identity (confusion), cultural identity,racial identity,and anything else that may come to mind, national identity etc.


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  • Firstly, sex and gender are two entirely different concepts. "Sex" refers to the reproductive organs/characteristics that you were born with: male vs. female. "Gender", by contrast, is constructed socially, not biologically: it refers to the roles, behavior s and attitudes that a group of people consider 'appropriate' for masculinity/femininity. And in many ways, these 'rules' are completely arbitrary.

    In some cultures, such as Sweden, a man painting his toenails would be seen as completely normal. Sweden is known for being quite gender-neutral, so such a thing would be more socially acceptable there. The same would hold true for Taiwan, where it's common for some men to dress as women in cases where their aren't enough daughters in the family. This is a long-standing cultural tradition, and has served Taiwanese society well over the years.

    By contrast, your profile says that you live in Texas, which is traditionally very conservative. The gender roles in Texas tend to be much more strictly defined, so something like this probably (and understandably!) seems very odd to you, because it isn't what you're used to.

    The thing to remember is that just because you percieve something to be 'wrong', it doesn't mean that it is (or that the rest of the world sees it the same way). Gender roles are completely, 100% socially constructed, so they will inevitably be different depending on where in the world you are, and which specific group of people you associate with.

    Of course, it's perfectly okay to have preferences! But if men want to paint their toenails, why not let them? It isn't hurting anyone, and you're free to ignore it if it irritates you. :) Ultimately, these people have grown up in an entirely different setting than you, but that doesn't make their attitudes and behavior s any less valid.

    To answer your second question: yes, I'd be okay with having a boyfriend who painted his toenails. It wouldn't really attract me, but I definitely wouldn't be turned-off by it! Even though that kind of behavior isn't exactly common where I live (in Canada), I've been lucky enough to be exposed to a lot of different cultures and definitions of gender, both of which have helped to broaden my own. I would suggest doing some online research looking into gender roles, and how they vary across cultures. It'll probably seem weird at first, but you might be surprised by how normal it all starts to seem after a while. :)

    • Thank you for your kind views.

      Just for the record, I'm from the east coast and I've lived in Texas since 1997 where I first saw this about 6 years ago. I cut my nails, take showers and cut those ugly hairs that grow out of your ears and nose, dress appropriately for the occasion, splash on cologne and that's as far as I need to express myself. I have no need to even where jewelry. Personally, I see men becoming lovers of self and less concerned with their roles as family providers and protectors.

    • No problem! :)

      Your view is obviously completely valid, but again, not every society/every individual would agree with it, which is ultimately a non-issue. In many cultures, men no longer need to be seen as strong protectors, because women are becoming more career-driven. Meanwhile, men are getting more involved with child-rearing.

      In essence, there's no one way that men/women should act. We all have different cultures and different views, so the best we can do is be happy! :)

  • I don't really understand it either. As a bit of fun/joke I don't mind, but a regular thing?

    My ex wears eyeliner OCCASIONALLY for things like photoshoots, but it's never a regular thing.

    I think it's weird when men go in for that sort of thing all the time, it looks quite strange in my eyes. If there's a reason behind it that's one thing, but I can't really think of any regular occasion where painted finger and toenails would be necessary for a man...

  • They should be able to dress and do as they want to, it doesn't bother me, why do girls get to have all of the fun when it comes to changing up our looks lol

  • I don't mind if they paint them black or dark gray if they're into the goth scene. Other than that I'd be a little thrown off...

  • Who cares? If they want to paint their toenails pretty colors let them.

    I know a few guys that do.. not necessarily bright pink but a clear polish just to keep them looking neat/cleanedup. Why is this "disgusting" to you?

    • The one's that I've seen had other colors then clear. I thought it was the woman's role to look pretty? I believe in getting cleaned up(cutting nose & ear hairs etc;) and putting on a suit or whatever but it just seems like we're becoming an "anything goes" society; not just from a fashion perspective but music, sex parental roles etc; I know this; Real men don't call women the B word and they don't run when their woman gets pregnant. These traits seem to be the norm today.

      Anything goes right?

  • I find it saddening that you're 53 and still don't know what makes someone a man. And I can tell you one thing: being bitchy abut how other people choose to live their lives isn't one of them. Now that is really crossing over the line.

    And to answer your initial question: because they like it. It's a shocker, I know.

    Before you die, I hope you realize people don't exist to live up to your standards.

  • I don't see the issue with it.

  • It's really gay. I would never date a guy who did that

  • I could say for fashion but I really don't get that either... or the mindset behind it.

    Yeah, I agree with you, anything goes nowadays, it's wrong but not many people are doing anything to stop it.

    I'm not okay with the behavior of a man painting his nails, I do not like it and I think it's way over stepping the line. I am definitely not attracted to this behavior and I will make sure I never will be!

    • Ever heard of freedom? Yeah it's that thing that lets you look the way you want to. Not being attracted to it is fine, but having a problem with it is kind of stupid.

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    • Lee Ermey and I were beginning to feel outnumbered.

      Thank you

    • Thanks for bringing it up!

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  • Why do you care what other guys do? It doesn't affect you in any way, so why don't you mind your own business and stop being a judgmental a**hole.

    Also link <-- this guy paints his toenails and is 1000000 times manlier than you will ever be.

    • Right!

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    • Well after reading the question and your profile, you seem to just like every other older, southern, old-fashioned guy I know (I have plenty in my family). And I don't know you but I doubt you've done anything manlier than becoming a UFC hall of famer.

      I'm just being an instigator, but I seriously hate that mindset you have. Why does there have to be a line? As long as it's not affecting anyone else, why shouldn't people be allowed to dress how they want? It doesn't interfere with your life.

    • He's probably the kid of guy who thinks the guy who smacks a woman over the head with a bone to carry her in his cage is the alpha male. It's not even worth the bother.

  • I was not aware that this was going on, on a significant scale.

  • How about asking other questions here. Why is it that women can and do adopt male clothing and fashions? Why is it that women can and do body tattooing--something that used to be a male concept of body adornment? Why is it that it USED TO BE thought that men wearing earrings was not accepted--but now is?

    The answer is simple. Times change and time changes perceptions. Things thought to be unacceptable in past years are now acceptable--and it took forward thinking men and women to begin the newer trends. So now men painting their nails is starting to be accepted by some, and in the future probably will be more so.

    I'm a straight 59 year old man and have worn painted toenails for years now. Why? It's simple. First, I like the look. Second, my feet look a lot better with the toenails painted than they do not painted. As for what anyone else may think--if they like it, fine. If not, they're MY feet.

    AAMOF, one guy wanted to start something over it, AND HIS WIFE PRACTICALLY BEAT HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH HER PURSE! She said that it looked OK to her--and she wouldn't mind him trying to look better than he did. (We both had sandals on.)

  • So they can pretend a girl is spanking there monkey for them.

  • It seems okay for women to be masculine but not okay for men to be effeminate. Colors shouldn't define masculinity or sexuality. If women can do play by play for football on ESPN I don't see an issue if a guy wants to wear nail polish

  • I think some of these ugly bitches are afraid that there might actually be men who can look better than them. And what really ticks them off is that fact that those guys are straight and still get laid. But really, who gives a shit what people do? If that's what they enjoy, then fuck off.