Why are some men painting their fingers and toenails?

I mean, I see them with female partners but where do we draw the line between what defines masculinity and femininity? Personally, I'm totally disgusted by this idea. Are women really OK and attracted by this sort of male behavior? Isn't this really crossing over the line?


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  • Victorian age with men wearing wiggs and stockings..go figure. Media doesn't help with the lesbo feminists who hate men and want them to become like them, only to chase after the men who are masculine.. *confused?*

    Idk if it is' women', but I do know women who are bisexual who don't mind it.. I'd go so far to suggest it is apart of the concept of 'equality',and destroying any form of identity one could possibly have, so society won't be 'alienated', in turn, you end up with a bunch of freaks. Mostly of mixed backgrounds, I mean this in all regards as far as gender identity (confusion), cultural identity,racial identity,and anything else that may come to mind, national identity etc.