Fixing an over-stretched t- shirt collar?

I have a couple t shirts that are good quality appearance and fabric. But the collar is stretched out. I own a sewing machine and know how to sew. But is there a good method for fixing a stretched collar without making the shirt look ghetto?


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  • How can a shirt look ghetto? Anyway if you go on you might find some help there.


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  • yeah buy a new one...sorry I sound like a bitch(im not) but I'm not a sowing expert so that's the only thing that truly came to mind.

  • You know the seam that's on top of the shoulder that connects to the neck?

    You may be able to fold it to create a tab on the inside of the shirt that would tighten the neck a little.

    I've never tried that though, so I'm not sure.


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  • FYI

    If you put them on hangers like I do take the hanger out through the bottom of the T shirt. Don't take it out through the neck. that's what stretches out the neck

    Same thing when you hang them. Put the hanger in up through the bottom.

    • You'd be surprised how many shirts I've stretched out by taking the hanger out through the neck hole.. This is a really good tip.

  • I was thinking.. maybe if you cut a v shape hole from the seam over the shoulder to a little bit forward and then just sow the hole shut back to the seam. That's all I can thinks about but I would still recommend just buying new shirts. It's good to refresh the wardrobe every ones in a while.