Guys, do you care about stretchmarks?

guys, do you care if a girl is like super hot but she has stretchmarks? if you do care, why?

girls do you think its okay if a girl goes in a bikini to the beach and has stretchmarks on her tummy and low back?


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  • No.

    I've been with post pregnancy women. Some of them have brutal stretch marks, and it doesn't look good, but she's still overall hot. The stretchmarks people your age worry about are generally a joke, unless they lost 80+ lbs at some point in time. Its hanging skin more then stretchmarks that don't look great.


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  • Can you have a picture to show how bad it is, cause a little bit is fine.

    • you can't say mine are a little bit I think... koz I've been on a diet and I still am and every time I lose weight, they come... I put cream and all but it doesn't go easily... like if you were at the beach and you saw a hot girl but she has strechmarks would you be ''turned off''?'

    • Then honestly if it more then a little bit, yes it would put me off.

  • No most guys don't care at all..and some of them actualy find her Zebra Stripes to be hot..(:(:(:

  • A lot of (maybe most) people have them somewhere. They are not a big deal.


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  • my boyfriend didn't even know I had them till he dug his finger and ran it across my butt :(

    its noticeable too :/

    so either guys don't really pay attention to them or he's just blind as hell

    • Like mine are really noticeable and I so wanna wear a bikini this summer! I don't know if I should or not...

    • i have noticeable stretch marks every where too! that's why I only wear it in the backyard ha ha with only close people :'(

      its not as noticeable after a tan..forgot :o