Features on a guy... long hair?

So do you girls really like long hair on guys? I have always had short hair but everyone is telling me that if I grew my hair out it would look really "cute" lol. My mom wants me to cut it my friends want me to grow it out. What should I do? it is also really curly I don't know ha ha give me your thoughts.


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  • Okay. Your mom wants you to cut it ? If you do decide to cut it, don't mention your mom. You'll just be made fun of. :P But you can't really ask a question like that just like that. It depends how you like it. You're still young enough to pull off a bit longer hair-do so you can, if you decide to do that. But if you want the most accurate answers, I suggest you attach a picture to your question. (You may have pictures on your profile, but if other people are as lazy as me, I suggest you post them in the question anyways :D)

    • haha I don't know how to do that I didn't know you could :0 and instead of looking at my pics you should send me a friend request, its easier anyway right? ;)

    • Idk if you can attach it. HAHAH. You can attach a link, though. Friend request, huh ? You sure are swagged out . haaa :D


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  • Don't grow it out, especially if it's really curly. Cut it very short.

    • but when I cut it since my hair line is really high, it looks like its receeding :(

  • Grow it!


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