I'm nervous about wearing lingerie for my boyfriend... What should I do?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 9 months and I have never done anything like this before, ever. I'm not the skinniest girl and he always makes fun of my 'big bum' but says it's a good thing... Fyi, big doesn't sound like a good thing. BUT. One time we went to the rippers and the girl had this white outfit on. She looked amazing, and he made the comment about how good she looked and how into white he is. He was getting pretty pumped up about seeing her. The white just did something for him. So it made me think.. Is this a hint? So now I'm considering doing this for him but I don't know if it'll be the right thing to do... I'm not confident at all. Hell, I think I'm not attractive because he doesn't say anything very much. He's a very open guy - will say what he thinks about other girls but almost never about me. If I thought he was into me a bit more I'd have more confidence.. So, should I do it? Will it be a good idea? Please help me. :(


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  • Well your an absolutely GORGEOUS girl from wht I can see in your picture...may I ask how soon into the relationship did you start having sex with him?how often do you and him have sex?

    • Well we were having sex a few days into it. But its because we've been seeing each other before, like last summer, and we hooked up then so it wasn't completely weird, right? And we do everyday, at least.

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    • And we cuddle every night and we spend our time together, for sure. He's a smotherer when we sleep! Haha.

    • Well then I suggest you do the lingerie thing and depending on his reaction take it from therr..if he seems like he's pretending to be nice to you while your wearing it then your should do your best to forget about him

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  • What is the rippers?

    • **Strippers. Sorry, haha.

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    • Yeah but I'm sure you are completely attracted to her, right? I'm not sure if I even measure up.

    • OK, now YOU'RE beating yourself up. Stop it. Again, you need to be with someone that makes you feel good about yourself.

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  • There are plenty of guys that like big butts. Not all guys like super skinny girls. & just because he finds another girl attractive doesn't mean he doesn't find you attractive. You're slightly overthinking things.

    • I do do that, alot. What do you think about the lingerie thing? I've never done anything like that before. It's nerve racking..

    • I think it's a cute, sexy thing to do for your boyfriend.