Girls, why do other girls criticize your clothing?

Girls, why do other girls do this? If I dress simply in shorts and a simple top- the other girls at my school comment on what color clothes I am wearing. They remark if I wear a black dress to a dance- they say oh you are wearing black again. None of these girls dress well, and they are always commenting on me. I have a friend who dresses like a Real Housewife and I asked if they ever talk about her clothes and she said no.

I started to dress up more and now they are complaining that I am too fancy and I must be stuck up.

Girls, I don't get it. Why do they care about my clothes?


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  • The ones you are describing are insecure.


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  • I would say they are taking out their insecurities on you. Just ignore them being happy with yourself is way more important than anything they say. Trust me.

  • They're "trained" to do that. I'd bet cash money that they read a lot of magazines and pay attention to what celebrities wear. It's like an addiction.

  • I've never had a girl criticize my clothing. Eff those girls; they sound like poor, insecure souls who need someone to target so that they can feel worth something and that is pathetic.