Guys, what height for a girl is consider TALL?

just curious what height for girl you consider tall?

do you like tall girls or petite and why?

imagine if there is 2 very beautiful girls, short and tall-which would you choose?


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  • Short petite girls are more appealing than tall slim ones, but there's not a lot in it if I was honest,x


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  • tall is like over 5'6 I think. and definitely I will be taking the shorter one. petite is way better imo. just like most girls prefer tall guys because they are more masculine, small girls are feminine

    • Brad Pitt don't think so, lol

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    • but from your words tall are not feminine...Aniston should be much more feminine than Jolie then (from your words)

    • lmao she's an inch shorter! how does that equate to "much" more feminine? haha. you're acting as if I'm laying down some hard and fast rule hahaha. would it please you if I were to say "generally speaking" before everything I say? haha. hows this: "for the most part, shorter girls are more feminine than taller ones, in my personal and humble opinion"

  • I think for a girl the average height is like 5'6-5'8. So anything taller than that is tall. Personally, I like girls around average height. I'm 5'11, and I think its cute for me to haveta bend down a little to kiss my girl. Shorts girls are cute, but its an inconvenience so id have to like her a lot alot to date her. id choose the shorter tho because I prefer short over tall.

  • 5.9 is too talk for me because I'm 5.8. I would never date a taller girl. not because I'm scared or embarrassed but because I'm naturally attracted to short girls.

  • Me personally I consider a girl that is over 5 ft 11 to be tall bu mainly 6ft and over is tall for a girl I'd say especially here in the uk. Me id go for shorter girls and they would go for taller uys


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