Guys what's attractive in a woman?

I had always wondered why most guys liked me.I have good self esteem its just that you guys are attracted to weird things. Most of the guys seemed to be attracted to bubble butts,breasts ,full lips,long dark hair and long shapely legs.Which is what I got,but what the hell is attractive about it?I even have a muffin top (which is a rise in your belly,not flat) and yet they still adore me.WHY? I'd think you'd like the super models that diet and well as my mother describes (Are "sticks") and blond and short haired. What do you guys like and why?Also what do you like in a girls personality?


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  • guys just have attraction preferences ... and you'll never understand what guys like because your a girl

    how about I ask you do you find guys attractive? why? lol

    • Gee,thanks yeah your REAL helpful (Note the sarcasim)

  • I think its cause you value yourself so guys see they have to value you as well

    because face it people don't value others until they value themselves [It doesn't have to be just guys ]


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