Girls, have you ever seen a guy differently, when he wears something "special"

I'm watching a show where the guy who likes this girl is always getting turned down by her. He walked in one day in a tuxedo and all the sudden she's swooning over him even asked him out. When he went on the date he didn't wear the tux and the date went terrible however, the next time they went out he wore the tux and she was all over him. Have you ever seen a guy like this? Guys, has this ever happened to you

Why did this happen in the show? (besides the fact that it's scripted)


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  • It probably happened in the show to show how well the guy can scrub up.

    I have had this happen to me, I was a little more attracted to my ex boyfriend when he more a nice suit because he'd mad the effort and put some thought in to how he looked. When people dress up formally and look sophisticated they tend to act more confident as well, in my opinion anyway!


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  • Not quite that extreme, but my SO is usually super casual and when I saw him dressed up in a suit for a school thing I was like O.O. It was just cos I was unused to seeing him like that, so it was sexy. I wouldn't say I saw him differently, but it was a different side of him that I was able to see.

  • Yes it actual happened with one guy who I hate A LOT so I forced myself not to not even peak at him the entire day because I was suddenly attracted to him.


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