Is there a way to make sure I won't age badly?

I know , I'm really young to start thinking of aging , I'm 17 by the way . But if there is something that I can do from this age to make sure that by the time I hit 50 I don't look too bad .


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  • Eat healhty, workout, don't smoke, don't drink too much, don't consume too much caffeine, avoid stress, laugh a lot

    Take care of your skin:

    - don't tan

    - use lotion with a SPF

    - get regular peelings

    - studies show that the only visible effect anti aging lotions have is when you start using them in early 20s. Then it will delay the formation wrinkles, after that they're pretty useless. So if you want us anti aging lotions. If you don't still use some other kind of lotion

    Healthy nutrition and regulat exercise are probably the most important here though

    • btw you're too young to worry about this, but you got the right notion. If you take care of yourslelf well now you will age better. A lot of women don't do anything until they are in their mid 30s and then desperatley try to get rid of little wrinkles, but it's too late then

    • My mom is an ex model , I didn't get her genes and I've been trying to look good since the day I was born . Just so you can understand why I worry about this stuff

    • Good answer. Also, would like to add: wear hats and sunglasses, avoid being under the sun too long, give yourself mini facials and use a special type of serum, and finally sleep regularly (8 hours of sleep).


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  • Don't tan, don't smoke, eat healthy, eat lots of vegetables, stay active.

  • Good diet and exercise? I don't think you'll care too much how you look when you're 50..


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  • always use sunscreen and avoid excessive time in the sun

    don't smoke. cigarettes are a death wish to a woman who wants to look young.

    keep alcohol and drugs to a minimum

    keep your body in shape. work out. eat healthy. avoid getting fat having healthy habits now will make it easier when you get older

    wash off your makeup at night..i hear it is bad for the skin in the long run to keep it on

    when you get older...dye your hair and keep it in a well styled cut. wear makeup. stay thin. take care of your teeth. dress nicely

    but some of it will be genetic. my parents both look young for their age and did not get fat, so I hope I take after them

  • I heard semen used as a face mask helps you look young, you should try it

  • sun screen. lots of sun screen