How to be presentable to the public without being sexy and flirty but equally effective to that?

Men are always attracted to the sexy type girls and rather to choose the bimbo ones with sexy appearance. What to do in this kind of world...


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  • you mean you want to look ''pretty''? as in you want to look attractive,but not like a bimbo,more ''girlfriend material''? I think the 50's/60's look is the best for that-attractive,but classy. BUT,i doubt you'll get asked out,those girls get looked at,guys do ''fall'' for them,but they rarely ask them out cause they're ''girlfriend material'',not one night stand material. link you wouldn't say ''oyy girl,you DTF?'' to her,would you?

  • I totally know what you mean, guys like looking at things that remind them of p*rn .big but big boobs yup:]