Normal guy and very attractive girl.

Is it possible for a guy (I'm about 6'1, 205lbs, muscular but not huge, average face) to get a girl who is just drop dead gorgeous. Does it happen a lot? Thanks in advance.


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  • The first thing I notice is that you described your surface features (your appearance) and her appearance, as if that's all that matters.

    That's like selling a car that has no scratches and shines real pretty, but you neglected to mention the busted brakes and constant oil leaks.

    Think of it like this... you have a value and she has value. If your value equals her value then you can get her without any fuss.

    What you don't realize is that your value isn't just your appearance... in the hearts of women most of your value is determined by how she FEELS when she's with you... NOT how you look.

    If she feels safe, excited, happy, curious, tense, comfortable, sexy, and sometimes challenged, then you will do well with her.

    But if she feels bored, unsafe, annoyed, disgusted, ugly, or feels nothing at all... then you're in trouble.

    It basically comes down to your personality. Are you social, fun and calibrated? Are you full of life and happy to give a good vibe to everyone you meet? Or are you withdrawn, creepy, desperate, insecure, and needy for approval?

    Desperate guys drain women of energy so they avoid them.

    Happy and self assured guys GIVE instead of take, which is more attractive to women.

    It comes down to your inner game and your ability to value yourself.

    ~ Robby

    • Spoken like a gentleman


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  • Uh, yeah. You don't have to be gorgeous on the outside to get a hot girlfriend. Sure, being attractive really helps, but unless you're a total dip stick any hot girl will date you. Personality makes you more attractive.

  • Yes I hardly see 2 really hot people going out

  • Ya it happens more than a hot girl and ugly girl

  • Ya but the peoblem is those guys get insecure that she's cheating

  • Uh...first, I think that you just think she's 'drop-dead' gorgeous. Girls do have in secruities, ya' know. But, yeah, a drop-dead' gorgeous girl will/would go out with oyu. I mean, sure, we look for 'hot' guys, but personality always wins me over, but that's just me talking.

    • Your right, sometimes we forget that girls have insecurities just like guys.

  • Yup, it happens. A lot, actually.

    • You think attractive women have a preference for guys like this or don't really care?

    • I'm not sure if it's a preference, generally. But I do know lots of girls who would be so happy to be with someone like you.

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  • It happened to me (but it didn't last more than a few months before I showed her the way out in the kindest possible way)

  • Look at me I'm considered an 8 but get no hoes.

    • So what's your answer, average guys can get hot girls?

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    • Right, yo ima send you a friend request, just so you ain't wondering who it is.