Lips Naturally very red/dark pink

So my lip are naturally just barely light than this.

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I feel like this color naturally look weird on my face especially since I have light blond hair blue eyes and am very pale. Would you consider odd looking or that I put lipstick on?


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  • Who cares, I'm sure some guy will find it attractive.


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  • Chances are your lip color is fine, but if you don't like it, you could use lipstick or put concealer over your lips to mute the color and go from there with the lipstick colors. When I want a nude lip, I may use a little concealer and they will be close to the color of my face.

  • Try strawberries. Instead of using chapstick before bed just bit off strawberry and smear juice on your lips, do the same in the morning and may be once throughout the day. Certainly works for me. Also try to use some other alternative like lip plumpers with natural n safe ingredients!!!