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Do men really care about stretch marks?

I have had stretch marks my whole life from when I was younger, and now that I have gained weight I have a lot more, also scared of getting even more... Show More

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  • Do no worry about them!For one they'll probably fade. And if those are the pivotal factor of whether he will care about you or not, then he's worthless to you. If you're looking for a one night stand, you'll find one, but if you're looking for any depth, the stretch marks should not make a difference in "his" eyes. Beauty is not skin deep, and if he really loves you he'll won't worry about them at all, just like you shouldn't.You're a beautiful person, and you need to find a man who looks at your heart, not your skin! (:

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  • stretch marks eventually fade and heal. I had a bunch of them on my biceps but now they are all healed up. got some fresh ones on my stomach though from gaining weight. iam losing weight now though and theyre also starting to heal.

  • I have a few of my own, so I'm not too picky. I also have permanent scar damage to my chest from a decade of battling hidradenitis. I can forgive you for having a little spider vein in your armpit by comparison.

  • If they love you they won't really care at all. I know I sure don't mind them. So long as a girl has good personality that stuff won't matter.

  • It shouldn't be that big of a deal, photoshop and p*rn is giving dudes a false sense of what girls actually look like. If you find a guy who's seriously offended by stretch marks he's an imbecile who's never been with a woman.Congrats on losing weight, good for you.

  • I dislike them a lot tbh. But someone who truly loves you won't care. Everyone comes with flaws. I'm sorry yours are physical. Mine are as well so don't feel alone.

  • Most guys don't care.

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  • Most of us have them, so while they DO notice them or may find them unattractive if they're excessive like this: link Most won't care:Pmost of us have them

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