Why do most guys NOT wear a vest under a shirt - like a dress or casual button down shirt.

I have always worn a vest - either v-neck or a regular T. I just don't feel comfortable not wearing one. But I often notice on TV and also in people around that most do not wear anything. Any idea why? Girls, do you have any observations on that and do you have any preferences?


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  • A traditional vest would have been cut low enough it wasn't visible, surely? It was considered underwear.

    The 'visible white t-shirt under my dress shirt' is a relatively more recent phenomenon. I don't think it looks as good as people imagine it does. Its kind of a part of the modern 'men work out all the time but must hide all skin' trend.

    • What about the v-neck undershirts?

    • well the real scoop neck 'vests' (that kids call wife beaters), how would you know if people are wearing them? If properly worn, you wouldn't see them.


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  • vest under a shirt? can you provide a link to what you describe because honestly, I can't get a valid picture of what you're talking about.

  • i always do