What does this say about the guy?

what does it mean when a guy is still friends with a few of his ex girlfriends? does that mean he is not over them? or they are not over him?

I just find it odd especially when he had a new girlfriend for a period of time and kept that info away from one of his ex gf.


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  • It could be that they were both reasonable people and realized that a dating relationship wasn't right for them, but they enjoyed being friends. Unless there are warning signs pointing in other directions, this is probably the best approach to take to avoid creating a problem where there may not be one.

    • What are some warnings signs pointing in other directions?

    • Well you mentioned one in your update: if he is hiding his new girlfriend from his ex gfs. Others can include if he hangs out with his ex gfs in odd situations, like going out to dinner one on one, or if he spends a *ton* of time with her. It's still not necessarily a sure sign that he's not over her, but it means you should start being a little suspicious.


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  • It could be either of those, or that he opposed the idea of cutting them out of his life completely. Another possibility is that things ended in a civil enough manner for his past relationships where a friendship or acquaintance-level connection with the old girlfriends could still be maintained. Personally though, that's not my style - my exes are just so for a reason, and they're out of my life totally.

  • It could just mean he's friends with them.


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  • And what's about he's unable to stay friend with them? Does it mean that he still hurts him to see them..and that he still has got feelings for them?

    What I mean is I think it can reveal that he likes human contacts and he's able to not stay in a bad mood about what happened with his exes. As they are exes, it's done with them but they can stay friends.