Has any of you ever experienced laser hair removal methods?

i was just curious if those methods really work effectively.

im not that hairy but I have dark hair, so even when I remove them, its not look so clean...so I'm thinking about laser hair removal methods...could you please share your experiences with me if it works or not...or any problems or side effect?!?


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  • Yup and its awesome. I had several areas done and since I am fair skinned with dark hair, it was easy and I only had to have 4 treatments done. After each treatment, the hair falls out completely and then in 4 to 6 weeks it grows back which tells you its time for your next treatment. You will have a 60% reduction just after the first treatment so by your last one, you will have hardly anything. It does hurt a bit but I always asked for numbing cream so I hardly felt anything at all. Its like a warm rubber band snapping you. There are hardly any side effects if any but it depends on the person. I have the most sensitive skin and I only had minimal redness that went away the next day. It is permanent just so you know. You may have a couple hairs come back but you can do a touch up and I do that every year or so. It is totally worth it. Also having certain areas done are more expensive then others. The legs alone are like $2500. Underarms are like $300-600. It just depends on the size of the area. Unless your dark skinned or have blond hair, it is 100% effective. People with darker skin have the chance of burning and scarring but a good technician will not do the laser if he or she thinks your not a candidate.

    • oo thank you so much for your information...

      are there different methods for that that I need to be aware of?

      and if I'm not wrong there isn't any way to predict how many treatments I need before actually doing that and see the result, right?

    • Well unless your very dark then you won't need more then 6 treatments but I would think it would be about 5 on average. There is only one kind of method but not sure what you meant by that. Just shop around and find a place that you feel is the best. I picked the 3rd place out of the rest of them. If you need more information then you can message me anytime. Sorry it took so long to respond. I haven't been online.


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  • eh..my friend amillia1981 has experience with that..and ..I will copy this to her...however...I would be able to accept laser "touch up" total pubic hair removal..I would reject a female that did that.../:/:/:

    • oo thank you so much, her reply was so helpful :)

  • You never said why you were interested in laser hair removal...if for face or something, I can see why that would make sense...however...think long & hard before removing pubes...):... link


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  • Yup, yup. I've had it done on my underarms and brazilian.

    I have dark skin, so it took a little longer for me. It works best on people with fairer skin and dark hair. It's pretty awesome, its taken me 10 or so treatments, but it took my paler friend like 6-7. No side effects if the therapist knows what she's doing.

    • Germine Greer would be very disapponted with you.

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    • Is it really yourself, or is it because of some man, p*rn, the media, society etc.

    • It's because I like it better, especially because I'm lazy. I don't particularly care what the media thinks of my hair level, and men tend to come and go.

  • I've thought about that too. Just to clean up the bikini area, where you just can't afford to have a dark hair stub even just after you shave. Right?

    • Bikini line would probably be ok...I would not like hairless though.../:/:/: