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What do you wear under your yoga pants?

Just curious as to what other girls wear under yoga pants. If your answer is other then specify by answering.

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What Guys Said 2

  • i see a lot of camel toes these days...commando seems popular

    • got that right! girls love showing it I think, at the gym they're on their backs with their legs up and you can see it perfectly

    • I don't. Girls who go commando, just know that guys are looking at your camel toe.

  • Yoga is so sexy

What Girls Said 7

  • Thongs and boyshorts.

  • Commando usually

  • Sometimes a thong, sometimes commando. Depending on my mood that day.

  • Seeing the answers makes me dislike yoga pants even more.

    • what for?

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    • I see. Well I'm a curious person and must know the truth because a lot of girls seem like they don't have anything on under there. I feel alone in wearing underwear with yoga pants lol.

    • haha... I think if I wore yoga pants (which I wouldn't) I would probably wear boyshorts underneath, no emphasis of undie lines around the bum and if it shows at all, it'll be on the thigh. :) If not, I'd wear undies with a lace trim, it's usually hard to see lines with that.

  • Nothing really.

  • Usually I go commando because most of my thongs show through the pants, like the outline of them. Plus it's kinda uncomfortable to exercise in a thong.

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