Do guys like it when . . .

Do guys like it when a girl still acts girly but loves fishing, hunting, camping, boating, football, basketball, etc? Do guys find it 'hot' when a girl can catch, clean, and cook her own fish? What do guys really think?


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  • extremely hot.


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  • I know there are plenty that do. My guy, for instance, likes that I can dress myself up and fix my hair, looking pretty and feminine. Obviously, right? He wants to know he's dating a girl. But I've also found that a lot of guys hate dating the "girly" girl, the one who throws a fit when she gets a little dirty or has to do something that might, heaven forbid, get a nail broken. It's all about balance, and finding a guy who will like you for who you are. And trust me, there is a guy out there who will appreciate that you can be a female yet have fun with him, doing the things he likes to do.