Can a woman have a tattoo and still be considered classy?

I have typically been considered to be a classy woman and have never condoned tattoos on a woman. However recently I have begun to have second thoughts because of a recurring thing in my life has made me forget a religious saying I have lived by, a saying I need to have a reminder of no matter where I am. I would get it in a place that would not be visible to anyone but my husband. Any and all answers are appreciated. Thank you.


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  • A woman can still be classy with tattoos. I have a full sleeve, hips and thighs tattooed and various others. I am not dirty or lacking in grace and I present myself nicely. It is also dependent on the tattoo itself. If it is well done and beautiful it doesn't take away class.


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  • That depends on what it is and where it is.

    • it's a religious saying...and it would be on the hip, out of sight

    • So it's just the saying? Nothing but words? I don't think that would really have any effect on whether someone considers you classy or not.

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  • Class is achieved through the way you carry yourself, and the values you live by. Tattoos are not the deciding factor in that.

    So to answer your question directly: it's fine