Girls can I dye my hair twice in two days?

I dyed my hair from dark brown to a lighter brown and it mostly worked on my roots but not the ends. If I dyed it again tomorrow but concentrated on the length rather than the roots would that be really damaging? I had virgin hair before :)


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  • Since you've never dyed your hair previously, You would be able to. To be on the safe side, get a deep conditioner to put in after you dye it again. and use it every two weeks after. Once a week if you style your hair and apply heat to it :3

    I've been dying my hair and bleaching it since the 4th grade (crazy, I know xD) but yeah, I've done that before and had no problems. Though everyone's hair is different, the deep conditioner should help a lot.


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  • depends on your hair... is it thick and still looks good after you have dyed it once then it won't be a problem but if it is thin, corase and dry then I wouldn't do it or probably go to a salon

  • if you applied it to all of it..i would think it would be damaging. But it may not be because I know someone who dyed it a different color to get the right shading so..maybe not? I would double check.