How would girls like a "reformed" skater/musician look?

This is how I would describe my style. It's been dark shirts, usually v necks, or graphic tees, with dark jeans (blue or black) with a beanie, or sometimes a flat brimmed 59fifty hat and some Van's inspired sneakers that look really really good, just take my word for it lol.

No tattoos or piercings or anything. I've never really been one for stereotypes and a pure conformist to any sort of look or scene. I am a good guy so I want to appear as such, but the skate/rock musician look still has an influence on my style. Is there enough "edge" to my style would you say?

I also wear a belt that is like a soft fabric type belt almost, but you run it through a couple of loops and tighten it. Looks good too.


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  • Yummy (: Love the style! Hot, not over-doing it, true to yourself, and very attractive! Good job!


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  • Not what I would go for or like for my guy but hey, by the sounds of it your style is well liked.

    • Just depends if the kind of girls I like could like my style too is all. I'm sure it varies too.

  • as long as you are well groomed it doesn't matter. You're solid dude

  • I like that look a lot. And I'm hot soooo.. wanna date? haha

    But seriously it's a really nice style, as long as you don't look too plain with it.


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