Do I need to worry about not being hot enough?

I'm a South African girl (23, short blond hair, blue eyes) who made friends with an American guy via a penpal site. After a year and a half of emailing, Facebooking and most recently, texting, I'm visiting California (for other reasons) and will get to meet him in person. I don't really know what I want to come from that meeting, so I'm trying to not think about it, but I am worried that he will be a little disappointed, mostly because it feels like he wants to take things to the next level, but I'm not nearly as good-looking as some of his exes. I'm confident in most other areas. Should I be worried about this? Will my foreign-ness put me at a disadvantage?


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  • I am sorry, I won't try to be rude saying this, but its almost unavoidable-actually.

    You said you have been emailing for over a year and you are connected through Facebook (do you not have pictures of yourself). Obviously your looks and/or "foreign-ness" aren't an issue as he agreed to meet you...

    I find it quite sad that you would have to come to this site and get some sort of reassurance that you are attractive. Have some confidence-just because you think they are more attractive than you, doesn't mean he does.

    But just to give you what you came here for; yes we all see your picture. You are "hot enough" don't worry yourself.


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  • If he's seen your picture, you shouldn't be worried.

  • If you wanted to get together with a randomly chosen guy - then perhaps, but I seriously doubt anyone would bother contacting you half a year but not being interested.


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  • Don't worry at all hun, if he is mean and says mean things about you (which I doubt he will because you guys have been talking for a while) then he's not even worth it! Think about it you'd never have to see him again if you didn't want to!

    You can try sending him a picture (a good one) of yourself and some friends or just you and your fam or just you! Just to give him an idea, and go from there :) Hope everything works out doll-face!