Is it nice to wear a t-shirt with no bra in public?

Is it nice to wear a t-shirt with no bra in public?

  • Yes
    19% (6)82% (9)36% (15)Vote
  • No
    81% (25)18% (2)64% (27)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • As in- is it polite, or as in is it comfortable? Personally, I'm the kind of girl who always wears a bra in public. I find it more comfortable and also I'd just feel odd about not wearing it...As for polite, to each their own really, whatever you find most comfortable...


What Girls Said 17

  • I prefer wearing a bra. But being that I have small boobs, I can get away with this :) and it looks good on me.

  • I have bigger breast and I would feel really uncomfortable going out like that but if I had to I would have something else on over the Tshirt like a sweatshirt or something.

  • if you have barely any breasts and they are perky, it's not that bad. if you have more than a c cup though (not saying a b or c cup is barely any breasts!), it's REALLY awkward. at least for the girl. I imagine guys would love it. but girls will feel exposed, unsupported and like an animal in the zoo...

  • I have 32Ds but if I'm just going to run errands really quick then I won't throw one on. It's not like they are falling out of my shirt but it's probably obvious one isn't on.

  • Wouldn't do it.

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What Guys Said 7

  • No, it's not at all nice. It's vulgar and perverse and anyone who does it should be forced to scrub the toilet with their toothbrush, and then brush their teeth!

  • I do it all the time.

  • Depends on the boobs - yes if they're perky; no if they're saggy.

    The usual rule of thumb, is that if you can put a pencil under your boob and it stays there (held in place by the weight of the boob), you need a bra - if it falls down, you don't.

  • It looks a bit slutty and personally It's an eye sore . But like most women say if they have small boobs I guess It would not really look that bad. I understand that some women like to be more comfortable when wearing there clothes.

  • Its very nice, but why be a half ass? Might as well take thr t-shirt off as well.

    • Go big or go home! right?

    • lol well I wear a 40 D and I find itt is not that commfortable and when othere girls do it it looks unattractive but maby that's cause I'm a girl and I like boys I don't know ;)


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