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Is it nice to wear a t-shirt with no bra in public?

Is it nice to wear a t-shirt with no bra in public?

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  • As in- is it polite, or as in is it comfortable? Personally, I'm the kind of girl who always wears a bra in public. I find it more comfortable and also I'd just feel odd about not wearing it...As for polite, to each their own really, whatever you find most comfortable...

What Girls Said 17

  • I prefer wearing a bra. But being that I have small boobs, I can get away with this :) and it looks good on me.

  • I have bigger breast and I would feel really uncomfortable going out like that but if I had to I would have something else on over the Tshirt like a sweatshirt or something.

  • Wouldn't do it.

  • if you have barely any breasts and they are perky, it's not that bad. if you have more than a c cup though (not saying a b or c cup is barely any breasts!), it's REALLY awkward. at least for the girl. I imagine guys would love it. but girls will feel exposed, unsupported and like an animal in the zoo...

  • It depends on the place or time if you are going to get some groceries who cares if you wear a bra as long as you don't have boobs hanging everywhere but if you are makin a first impression put on a bra I prefer wearing no bra with backless dresses because showing your bra looks trashy but I also have fairly small boobs I guess it depends on the situation

  • idk about nice, but I do it pretty regularly. if I'm in a teasing mood, I'll wear a tight top and no bra. its fun seeing the guys stare.

  • I've done it but not a lot. I'm a small 34b cup and when I do I wear something of a heavier material to try to keep the nipples from showing. Usually no one knows.

  • NOOO! PLEASE NO! I find that older women are doing this more and more, they just leave the house and are like whatever. When I say older I mean mid fifties to like seventies. Where they don't have young boobs, they have been through kids and gravity for years and years. Their boobs are at mid stomach and one women down to her bellybutton. You shouldn't do it even if you are young. I think it is inappropriate and tasteless. Me being a girl I know I do not want see your nipples and outline (what if it rains). Every woman should wear a bra unless the dress or top can not have one.

  • I have 32Ds but if I'm just going to run errands really quick then I won't throw one on. It's not like they are falling out of my shirt but it's probably obvious one isn't on.

  • i think a girl with small breasts (anything B cup or below) can get way with not wearing a bra in public in a tank, shirt or summer dress, especially if she is just out to run errands or get coffee, but I would be wary of a girl with ample breasts letting her goods hang out. I mean not only is it aesthetically provocative (in a bad way), but really it would be physically uncomfortable for the girl to have her boobs unsupported.

  • No.

    Personally I feel really conscious about it, I can feel that I'm not wearing one. I start thinking everyones staring at me, and noticing how "saggy" they are (I don't have saggy grandma boobs, just in comparison to wearing a bra, they droop obviously.

    Also, for me it's really uncomfortable and a touch painful.. I have DD breasts so if I walk too quickly they bounce and hurt.

  • noo

  • Lol no. It would be really embarrassing and uncomfortable. It would draw attention to your chest and not everyone would want to see.

  • hell no!

  • no not to me, lots of bouncing is not that comfortable plus they would be out there for the world to see even more than breast already are and I do not like drawing attention to myself

  • i dunnno id probably be self conscious people staring at me but around the house it feels amazing and quite sexy

What Guys Said 7

  • No, it's not at all nice. It's vulgar and perverse and anyone who does it should be forced to scrub the toilet with their toothbrush, and then brush their teeth!

  • Its very nice, but why be a half ass? Might as well take thr t-shirt off as well.

    • Go big or go home! right?

    • lol well I wear a 40 D and I find itt is not that commfortable and when othere girls do it it looks unattractive but maby that's cause I'm a girl and I like boys I don't know ;)


  • Depends on the boobs - yes if they're perky; no if they're saggy.

    The usual rule of thumb, is that if you can put a pencil under your boob and it stays there (held in place by the weight of the boob), you need a bra - if it falls down, you don't.

  • It looks a bit slutty and personally It's an eye sore . But like most women say if they have small boobs I guess It would not really look that bad. I understand that some women like to be more comfortable when wearing there clothes.

  • its the only way I leave the house ;p

  • I do it all the time.

    • I too

  • Personally, I'm a fan as long as the girl has a great body.

    • But not on your girlfriend?

    • Depends where we are. Beach vacation? Bring it on! BBQ at my parent's place? Probably not.

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