How short is too short for a girl?

like is 5 foot he shortest a guy would go for a girl or does it not matter?

like would it be weird being with someone who is like 4'4 or I don't know you get it?


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  • Ok, I'm 6'. Shortest I dated was 4'5". Didn't seem that strange, but it was hard to find her in a crowd. You said sex was not included, but there was no problems there.

    Does that answer? I was going with someone shorter, it was fine. Had,guy friends shorter that gals they date, some gals had more problems with that than guys.

    • OMG cool so cool what was her race... wait she was white right?

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    • super duper

    • So transatlantic flirting :/ be fun :)


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  • No that is not strange or weird it is actually cute I would call the girl my pixie girl if she was my girlfriend.I like women of all shapes and sizes.Your height has nothing to do with the person you are.If you are bad or good it doesn't matter if you are 3-2 or 9-11 you will still be bad or good

    • then she has to be super short I'm average 5'2 and so then is she 4'6 or what?

  • it doesn't really matter if a girl is short. I'm 6"4 and one of my exes was 5"1 and it was fine

  • I'm not sure I get it.

    I'm 6'3 and I prefer 5'4 at least. I've dated girls who are shorter and sexual positions are... complicated... and frequently uncomfortable for me. Not to mention a huge height difference is awkward in public.

    • Missionary with a girl who's 4' kinda feels like I'm f***ing a pillow. I can't see her face... I'm just thrusting and all I see is bed.

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    • Yeah, I like water too.

    • i did not mean that for you .. sorry

  • Less then 5 feet might be a little weird but there are not many girls smaller then that.


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