A really hot guy with an average looking girl?

Ever seen that combination ?

Does that even exist ?

Why would a hot guy be with an average girl ? Not ugly but just average


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  • My boyfriend is a model. He's insanely attractive. And me...well, I'm very average. I still don't understand completely why he wants me and chooses me over so many other girls. I am not ugly, but not drop-dead gorgeous either. I have a nice body from being an athlete. I'm still average with looks, compared to other girls. But, he tells me I'm the most beautiful girl he has ever known and he wants to marry me. I know that he loves me more for who I am and my inner beauty. So I would say that hot guys can be found settled with average-looking girls. However, the hot guy must be a decent man on the inside, and that average-looking girl probably has an etremely unqiue and above-average mind and personality, which makes her all the more beautiful than a superficial, hot, model-material-looking gal.

    I may not be terribly gorgeous appearance wise, but I feel like a beautiful woman on the inside and I guess that's why my boyfriend loves me so much. Don't be so quick to assume just by using looks.


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  • Sometimes, you don't need to date a supermodel just because you can.

    They can be far more trouble than they're worth.

    A plain attractive girl with a nice personality will do.

    And what do you mean by "average"?

    The average girl is like 5'4" and 165 lbs...

    • just not gorgeous or ugly either , she looks ok

    • I guess every guy's rating system is tiered in terms of which features he prioritizes on.

      Nonetheless, society gives so much praise to exceptionally gorgeous women that with some of them, no amount of hotness could justify how ridiculously they behave.

  • Well...Alot of people use to tell me I could do way better than my ex. I guess it's just that I liked her for who she was and not just what she looked like.

  • seen the hottest girl with ugliest guy

    its not just about looks

  • What you think is hot others may not, same thing for average

  • Sometimes looks are subjective. Maybe you think she's average but he thinks she's the best. Maybe you think he's really hot and most other girls think he's average.

  • Humility is more attractive than any physical trait.

    Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you think she is "just average" doesn't mean he does. He probably thinks she's gorgeous for reasons you don't understand.

  • Aside from the obvious fact that she's an amazing person, maybe she knows how to ride good d***? Your sexuality is enough to keep men hooked for quite a while.


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  • Nope, I honestly don't think that ever happens.

    • me neither , I've seen it the other way around . but hot guys don't settle

    • I see it alot.

    • This whole question regardless of how much experience they have (until a study is done) will only have subjective answers. So I stand by the fact that, I almost never see it...although, it could be an American thing. Then again for the grounds of this question to be true a female individual has to be very attracted to the guy, and find the girl average (which isn't unusual). For guys they would not find the girl particularly attractive, but see the guy as something a lot of girls would go for.

  • Jay Z and beyonce enough said, Everything is not about looks. I know we all say it, But somtimes I guess people factor in other things.