Woman with hair under chin? Guys what do think about this?

woman with hair under chin.have seeing a lot of woman with just ask what do you think about it


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  • as long it's not thick and dense I am OK with it ,though I prefer no hair on her body


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  • A lot of women will get some hair on their chin or upper lip, and it can get darker, thicker, etc depending if they're on certain medications, or birth controls (depends on the hormones). Waxing is always a good option, and many women do this already. If it's only a few dark hairs they can get plucked out...Or laser the thing. Anywho (I distracted myself) I don't think guys care if women happen to grow it, as long as they get rid of it as well.

  • Peach fuzz I guess is fine , but if its thick and dark, just wax it .

    • so what happen when you wax and it come back faster than you think

    • maybe just get lazer hair removal. its a small area, so it shouldn't cost you much. do you just have peachfuzz or?

    • ok. why can't see who is online on my profile

  • If you're worried about the color, there is facial bleach.

    • so poses you don't have any or have the money to buy

  • Is it hormonal or genetics?I just think if we all would just eat more fruits and vegetables and stay away from birth control pills

    we would all be much more healthier and balance

    • ok. so what are you saying cause it?

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    • Good for you! , well the only explanation would be is that you have HIGH TESTOSTERONE ...lucky for me I'm balance never had a hair grow on my chin :)

    • jeez yu na fi a gwaan so