Do you feel awkward when you walk?

I feel like I do sometimes. Just a regular walk. I consciously think about how to walk so as to seem as not awkward as possible. Is that weird or does that happen to other people too? I'm not unathletic or anything. But it feels uncomfortable (mostly in my hip flexors - the tendon/muscle things on the sides of your glutes) and for that reason I don't know which way I should walk (what technique, so to say) and often have a feeling I look kinda awkward when I walk. It could be because I have tight hip flexors, but I don't know. Is it just me?

  • I always feel awkward when I walk
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  • I sometimes feel awkward when I walk
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I only feel awkward when I walk once I start thinking about it. If I just go, I do just fine!


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What Girls Said 5

  • I tend to feel awkward when I walk as well! That's why I always try carry something in my hands, then I feel like I walk much better :D

  • I have horrible ankle structure so my feet are naturally pigeon toed so I'm super self conscious of that :(

  • when I think about it whilst walking, yes.

  • Yes this happens to me. Not in the same way but I'm a little pigeon toed so that may look weird to some people. It isn't until I start thinking about looking awkward that I actually start walking awkwardly, so it's best to not worry about it.

  • I only feel weird if I see myself in a front on reflection for like 1-2 seconds because the attention is at my hips and in such a short time span, I can't tell if my walk is normal so I always assume it's strange.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think the only advice I can give you is to just not think too much and relax your mind and think of something else.