Girls what do you think of this shirt?


My friend got me this and its so awesome! :D But what would you girls do if you saw a guy wearing this?


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  • Don't like it on first impressions so I wouldn't be thinking anything good. In terms of fashion it looks bad, in terms of closer inspection, it's funny / smirk worthy but it's still bad fashion. There are better shirts for laughs and giggles but none of that is better!


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  • how old are you? 5?

    at your age the only shirts you should wear are those with solid colors. period.

    • Oh come on, there's no need for insults. Besides who are you to say what I can and can't wear?

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    • in this case you are wrong. and take my advice so you don't embarrass yourself in public.

      unbelievable. where is this society going. at 20 you would like to wear a shirt for kids. grow up already.

    • hahaha I've gone out in public with it on and I got nothing but compliments. and I'm not 20 lol you should quit assuming things lol.

  • i thought girls liked matured and stylish men ;d