How do I make the transition from cute to sexy?

Im told by every girl I'm cute.

What can I do to transition to sexy.

Is it what I wear? Body? What is it?


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  • but they are so cute. lol. =P cute isn't a bad thing. haha. I guess I could use one guy as an example but I think he's adorable though. so I don't know if that counts. but I do find him incredible sexy at the same time. ^_^ but I suppose it's the way he talks and how he acts. He's tall, he has an amazingly seductive voice, he is very sexual, he's smart, the way he dresses(for the most part), he has morals, he's funny...I could go on but I suppose if the girl likes you she will find you cute/sexy regardless..Don't you think?


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  • Appearance - hair (grow your hair out etc.), clothes, body (bulk up a bit...Not TOO much...) and product use (colognes etc.)

    Demeanor - maybe try to be more aloof, less giggling,

    Pheromones for a bonus

  • Body helps, but it's all ATTITUDE. It's the joking around, the sidelong glances, the carefree attitude but then the focus on her (like most things don't matter, but SHE does). It's so difficult to describe.

    As for clothing, different strokes for different folks.

  • Nothing wrong with being cute... a cute guy is someone we'd usually date.. if we date you then you may get sexy time with us... thus you will be sexy.

  • what's wrong with being cute? Idk. I don't know you. so it's hard to say what it is you'd have to stop doing from being cute. =/ lol

    • lol I see cute as a word for someone safe and not interesting. Like not to date or have sex with, just a lap dog lol

      idk I guess I'm trying to ask, what makes you consider a guy sexy?

  • This is Exactly what I want to know! My Boyfriend calls me "cute" and "cutie" and it drive me insane...he's never called me anything else.

    I think for men...I consider a guy "sexy" in terms of how he his movements, interaction with others...overall attitude. Cute means good looking, in an adorable sort of way (like baby-faced) my opinion. I think clothing also may be part of it too...but not as much as how you act...I think a "sexy" guy knows what he wants and goes after it...with confidence...

    Cologne can do wonders...spray on a musky scent...and that's a surefire easy way to change from cute to sexy in one second...

  • be confident. also a pair of nikes and a nice nice snapback would probably help too :)

    • Hahahaha Since when are snap backs and nikes sexy?! lmao

    • alwaysssss

    • i mean it depends on what you wanna wear I guess. polo it up if your a bro.

  • I think it's more about how you act. I don't see anything wrong with being cute, though. in fact, I prefer a cute guy than a hot one.

  • Well, being called cute means you're good looking, you have the potential to be sexy or hot. Cute is jut a different type of good looking. My advise, shave, MESS UP YOUR HAIR, buff up (some weights to gain muscle), alsso, clothing is key. A pair of jeans and a polo shirt with some asics would be "hot", or a tucked in botton up shirt with the sleeves kind of 3/4. It works the same way for a girl. A preppy girl all dressed in pink with subltle makeup and a high ponytail would immediately fall under cute, but a girl with a more mature, hair down look would be hot.

  • If your cute then your cute and if your sexy then your sexy. Being cute is definitely not a bad thing. It's just about how you look. Mostly your face and how you act. Why do you wanna be sexy so much?(It's not a bad thing, but like I said neither is being cute. lol)


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  • I used to feel the same way you do. I'm called "cute" quite often (not to sound arrogant).

    One thing you must understand about females...a female calling you "cute", in female language is a "safe and passive" way to say that you're attractive (in most cases).

    The KEY question you get, in your opinion, enough "female action" (physical / verbal flirtation, kisses, phone #'s, dates, sexual activity)?

    If yes, then what the hell are you complaining about?

    If no, then I see why you're concerned.

    I get imo enough "female action", so although I've only been called "sexy" by enough females to count on both of my hands at age 26...i'm not complaining. 8-)

  • go into acting school. Once you finish, apply for parts in romantic plays written by females.

    just about everything in life can be solved with the proper acting training, in my opinion..

  • Confidence...and being at peace with your self. Being comfortable and in control of your actions and emotions.

  • get jacked, broseph. and swag it up

  • Be Suede.