Is it a good thing for people to be intimidated by your looks?

Two days ago I've finally came to the realization that people are intimidated by my looks. (since I've been told I look like a bitch, I look like someone's who's full of themselves and of course I think I'm the best) Now what I'm wondering is whether my looks are good or bad, is being intimidated by them a good thing?

And do you think that people are intimidated by your looks? PLEASE SHARE!

Thank you!


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  • When people are intimidated by you I would say to enable them to be comfortable around you/approach you, you have to put more effort into appearing non-intimidating. Smile more, be friendly, build a good reputation, get to know a lot of people, make the first friendly gesture. Just basically go out of your way to prove them wrong and the rest will stop being scared of you. Honestly it depends how you look that determines whether or not it's a good or bad thing for you to be intimidating.

    Yeah, people are. People have told me similar things. Sometimes I get comments on how surprised they were at how nice I am. I remember a few years ago when a friend of mine told me on the first day of secondary school, when she first saw me she thought I was going to be the next school bully. I had a glaring problem, couldn't help it. My face just went into self defense mode if I was left on my own. Don't have it much any more though. But I still have to put some effort into looking neutral, when I feel neutral. Kids still tell me I have a scary face though and I believe with things like that, kids are honest. I'm not that approachable, but that's fine cus' I'm not afraid to throw down the obvious signals/approach.

    Just work on it, you'll be fine.


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  • Isn't it odd then, that you intimidate people with your looks in person, but when you come to this site you have no profile of any kind, an unintelligable screen name, and an icon pic that's a sketch of a nondescript woman with no eyes or nose. She's all but faceless.

    • I'd rather keep my identity anonymous on the internet! It's safer that way.

  • I've been told I look mean and scary sometimes. Even been told by my boss that I might have scared a customer away.

    Funny thing is that when I smile it's like seeing the ceiling of the sistine chapel for the first time. People love it and it never fails to get a complement.

  • it's a good thing ^-^

  • Being that I'm a guy with an "exotic look", a lot of women adore my looks(all races; teens to older adults), and most guys either want to hang with me to see if I have women falling of my ceiling(to possibly get a freebie from them), or they don't want to hang with me at all, and as a result I have trust issues and don't allow people to befriend me. I get tired of being asked questions about my ethnicity and family, and tired of being stared at. It's quite a lonely and dubious existence. Basically, my world is my girlfriend and work.

    I feel that most people don't care about the fact that I'm a human being with feelings. I'll admit that have extreme confidence, but I still need for people to want me for "me," and not what they think I can potentially do for them. Most people think that having a really good appearance must be a blast, but it isn't if you aren't mature enough to handle what comes along with having them.

    I'll admit I've used my looks, not in a good way. I've done dirt to girls; promised things that I shouldn't have for my own selfish reasons. Maybe I'm getting what's owed to me. I'm trying to change though, because I have yet to be the person that I want to be.

    • I'm confused :S

      How are people exactly intimidated by you? I understand that you're saying you're really hot but according to you people are just using you for sex?

      I have trust issues too. Not because I think I look good though! That just sounds weird. People don't befriend others because they look good, especially they're from the same sex...

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    • Maybe I flirt without even knowing it...

    • In that case, try being more self aware. Guys have egos and pride which is easily bruised by a girl that they're into. As far as girls go, just be yourself and aware at all times that good looks intimidate the insecure. I've learned that it's easy to change people minds to think the worst of you and much harder to change their minds to think the best of you. Having a bad day is often percieved as "stuck up" instead moody or sad for good looking people.

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  • I'm a little confused as to whether or not you're talking about your physical appearance or the expression on your face. Some people's physical "appearance" may be intimidating because they're considered really high on the beauty scale and people naturally "assume" that they may have snooty attitudes because they know it. They're pleasantly surprised when the person is actually beautiful and nice.

    Then there's just walking around with a bitchy, snooty high-sididy attitude, where you exude over confidence or just anger. This usually comes from a place of insecurity, lack of trust or anger, and you build up a wall that keeps people at bay, keeps people from getting too close, like a security blanket. I know because I used to be told I was bitchy. Had to work on my interpersonal skills. I could tell you to do a whole bunch of stuff, but honestly, if you want to change that perception ,you'd be surprised at how much a stupid little smile will change the way people see you.

    • Well, socially I'm awesome I believe I have lots of friends. But honestly I can't walk around smiling to myself, people would think I'm crazy.

    • Not yourself silly. To people. You make eye contact, you smile. Simple. If you really want to change this perception about you, you will. If you like the way you are, then this whole things a mute point. Do you.

    • But this is what I always do. I'm telling you I get judged by my looks before anyone talks to me. I have awesome social skills. lol.

  • Hmm I don't look approachable , don't think they are intimidated by my looks

  • yes they are,its personality.. link