Shampooing bad for your hair?

I have heard things about shampooing being bad. I use shampoo twice a day. Is that bad?


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  • Twice a day may be a bit much. I've been getting down from everyday for years to every other day and my hair seems much better for it. I started that frequently because I had super greasy hair through the teenage years.

    My doctor told me at one point if you start reducing how much you wash it, your body will start to quit over producing oils that its trying to replenish right now. (within reason). I'd only go once a day for oily hair, more than that is stripping and drying out your hair too much.


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  • Over shampoo-ing is like over washing your face... dry skin happens and that's painful.

    if you have oily hair once a day is good,

    if you have curly hair, more conditioner than shampoo,

    if your hair is normal and long over washing it can split the ends and the natural oils in your hair will come out breaking the hair shaft.

    hope this helps.

  • I shower every single day because I work out and I wash with shampoo every other time. I will throw in some conditioner though. If I don't, my hair feels all matted and weird (I have super thick hair). Sometimes I can tell the difference when don't shampoo. It doesn't feel oily nor dry necessarily, but it has a rougher texture.

  • I think it strips the moisture out of your hair. I guess it depends on the shampoo you use. =/

  • I think it is since I have curly hair I dilute it with water

  • They say it's not good to wash your hair everyday. Wash hair every other day. Do your body every day, though.

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  • Unless you're scalp is either really dry, really oily or you get it dirty from rubbing it in dirt, you shouldn't shampoo so often. Even if it is too dry or too oily, you don't need to shampoo twice a day.

    The oils in your hair are much better are protecting your then shampoo, so let them do their thing for a day or two.

  • whoever told you shampoo is bad for your hair is... crazy. Take them off your friends list

  • I have a buzz cut so I need to shampoo or selse I get dandruf.

  • Once a day is enough, unless you get really sweaty during the day. Your scalp produces oils that your hair needs. If you over-wash, you will damage your hair.