GIRLS: Hair color Suggestion?

after ending things with my "boyfriend" of four years (and dating a couple of guys afterwards) I feel like a different person. they were pretty rough relationships and I know it sounds weird, but I feel like by changing my hair color it helps me "shed" my past in a way. the thing is usually your natural hair color is the most flattering hair color for you, so I really don't know what color I should dye my hair. the best way I can describe how I look like ( as much as I dislike this person) would be Kim Kardashian in terms of skin tone, natural hair color and the length/thickness of her hair. but the difference is that my eyes are hazel. please can anyone give suggestions of what color I should dye it? :)


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  • i really liked this hair color, and I think you can look really good. link or since you mentioned that you somehow look like kim why don't you try this link

    • i like the first one alot! I actually never considered that color before, but now I am. :P thanks for the suggestion!

  • if you don't want to go to a salon

    id recommend only going a few shades lighter or darker

    Ombre would be a good idea if your nervous about change