Where can I get good quality bras for 32C?

With a price range no higher than Victoria Secret but it can be significantly less as long as the quality is good.

Please don't say Victoria Secret I don't like those styles

And please don't say Target or somewhere that doesn't even carry 32C.


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  • I really like places like Marshall's, TJMaxx, Ross, and places like that. They have different names depending on the region. They have really good deals and unusual sizes.

    Also, try Kohl's - they usually have a wide bra selection, coupons, and sales.

    • also, this might be weird, but I had good luck at Kmart. They might not have the exact size 32C (i'm not sure), but I found stuff there that fit me even though it wasn't my exact size, and it's cute and cheap.

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    • ok sorry I can't stop, but I love bargain shopping haha. I found some good deals at dillards and macy's before in the clearance - the regular stuff is expensive.

    • Khols doesn't sell 32C from what I've seen. I've had bad luck with places like Kmart, Walmart, and Target. Their stuff just doesn't fit at all. I have to have 32 band size. Sometimes 32D works if the cup sizes run small but anything bigger than 32 doesn't give me the support I need.


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  • Macys when they have a sale...otherwise expensive. Daffys, if they are in area. TJ Maxx can be good for sales and prices not to bad. Banana Republic had good deals. Note, base on shopping with 4 women, 2 your size, one would shift from 32 B to C. (other 32A).

  • Go to a good upscale department store. The sales associates will gladly assist you.


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  • I'm a 32C as well and have had difficulty finding bras that fit. Other than VS I've gotten some pretty decent ones at Aerie, but I had to buy them all online.

  • You could try aerie, or a speciality shop. Probably Gilly Hicks also sells that size(:

  • What stay do you like granny bras?

    • what?

    • Well I would have told you to go to Victoria Secret I've never heard of someone not liking it there.

    • There's people that don't like a little bit of everything whether or not you've heard of it.