Guys, what do you think of a bob hairstyle that is one inch below the chin?

Is this hairstyle boring and not feminine enough?I am a petite Asian with fair complexion,black irises and jet black hair which I have never dyed.I like to wear the bob hairstyle because it suits my face shape and girls always say that they like my hair.I also always wear a branded crystal hairclip on my fringe.Should I change my hairstyle?I need guys' honest opinions.Thanks a lot.


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  • I've personally always been a fan of a bob-cut hairstyle on women, it breaks that women should have long hair because that's what's expected stereotype. Generally I find the bob style cut on a women sexy depending on how it's styled. Some styles are a little bland compared to others (in my opinion). From a practical standpoint the shorter hair means it's easier to manage and in this heat shorter hair is strongly recommended. It also means less hair that can slide forward and block your vision which is a huge plus in poorly lit areas. As for the hair pin in the fringe I see nothing wrong with it, it's a style that in my opinion looks good depending on how you use it. :)

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt, hope this helped a little :)

    • Thank you so much for the detailed answer!Wonder if you have any links of any nice bob-cut hairstyles as well? :)

    • Unfortunately I can't post links at my level, you'll have to search bob cut on Google or whichever search engine you use, sorry. =/

    • Oh,I just realized it.Thanks anyway!


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  • With straight hair I like it a lot.

    • I have very straight hair.

  • I consider it very feminine and beautiful. It shows off her neck and it looks cute when she brushes her hair back. Even if it is kinda conventional, it's still very pretty.

  • It's not really a hairstyle I like and in my opinion few girls can pull off the look.

    • True,few girls can pull off that look and that is why I like it.People say that I look like a cute student with this kind of hairstyle.Haha.

    • The cute student look is good, now you just need the outfit link

  • If it suits your face shape, it'll look fine. The hair is short but not boyish short, so I think most guys wouldn't complain about it. I don't think you should change it unless you get tired of it and want to try something different.

    • Thanks.So you think the hairclip is also alright?

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