I can't stand people telling me I shouldn't wear makeup...it is my career and passion.

I love makeup. I am aspiring makeup artist. I do people's makeup sometimes free lance. I know I do it good. I do artistic looks like face paintings...and natural looks to enhance natural features. I know what I do looks appropriate for each person or whatever. My problem is when it comes to me. I can't stand people telling me I shouldn't wear makeup..it is my career and passion. And it really hurts my feelings. I go days where I don't wear it. When I put it on its never that dramatic unless I'm face painting or doing an artistic

look. I wear simple makeup on myself and countless times people say..no don't wear it you don't need it. Yes I don't need it . But I love it. I feel like people are encouraging me to not enjoy my passion.


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  • And that's why you do something very simple... you ignore those people :). They probably think that they're being nice and complimenting you, or that you're insecure and that you NEED makeup in order to survive, but those people are just simply being a bit ignorant. You don't need to listen to other people, or have them express their opinions. You could always just try to explain it to them, they might not understand, but honestly, it doesn't even matter. When it comes to your passion, forget others. It's your life, your face, and if you want to put stuff on, do it.


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  • They are trying to reassure you that you don't need it.

    Just smile and tell them you know, but you enjoy it.

  • of course you need makeup, you're over 45.


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  • I'm a lot like you. I'm not an aspiring mua but I do love makeup and I'm really into it. People who tell me I shouldn't wear makeup annoy me because they're assuming I only wear it because I'm insecure. They're not taking into consideration that some women actually enjoy it as an art form. That's why I let people know that I wear it because I like it.

  • People need to mind their own damn business. Don't let it get to you, just be like thx and move on :)

  • I think it tends to be the ugglies who are so against makeup, so pay no attention to them

    If it's your passion, follow through with it. I thought makeup was my passion a couple of years ago and if I still felt the way I felt back then today, I wouldn't listen to negative people

    • I've always thought this when people say this and it's nice to see someone who thinks the same lol