How to wear red loafer shoes?

Do you like this pair of loafer shoes?


How should I wear them? (colors/styles)


Most Helpful Girl

  • wear them with khaki shorts and a polo. linen pants and a button down casual shirt.

    coral, light blue, mint green, orange

    • why do you say that coral, light blue, mint green or orange shirts will look good with these shoes? wouldn't they overpower the red color?


What Girls Said 6

  • with skinny navy or black trousers, not chinos - urgh.

  • With Chinos.

  • they're meant to be worn with preppy clothes,like what anon said,but hey,look at hipsters,they mix and match styles so if you want to,you can wear anything with them.

  • I don't like them. Mainly due to the white stitching that is too high up at the front of the shoe. Probably standard blue jeans but not too dark or biege pants, fitted and not baggy with the red version. Blue version seem the least offensive.

    • why not dark jeans? I've heard that a pair of black trousers would be best

    • Primary colors of the same range look good together. Proven fact.

  • Fitted cuffed navy or tan trousers, button up shirt (light blue or white in a light, loose fabric), and for goodness sakes, no socks. :)


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm not really into deck shoes, but if you like 'em, they are perfectly reasonable as a summer casual shoe.

    No socks.

    Preppy casual summer, basically.

    Do not wear red with them.

  • They're kinda like boat shoes. Don't wear them like loafers, these are casual. Wear them without socks (hope that's obvious), with a v-neck or polo, and at-or-above the knee shorts. Jeans wouldn't look good with these :L

    Ehm, You don't want these to stick out in your outfit, nor do you want to wear all red. You'd look like a cherry. Hope this helped.