I cannot do anything with my hair! Just have the same boring style every day.

so my hair is naturally blond. I think it is darker shade of blond with light highlights from sun. my problem is that my hair looks blond only if they are in one hair style - straight with path in the middle. in every other style they turn into f.cking ugly mousy color I hate the most. I cannot use hair styling products, straighten it or curl. please people tell me what to do, to keep my hair blond and change hairstyle. I don't want to change color just to change hairstyle and still be natural blonde.


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  • OK so let's go over your options.

    1. you hate the mousy color

    2. you like the blond

    3. only one hairstyle shows the blond

    4. you don't want to color it

    So from this info, your ONLY option is that one style, otherwise you HAVE to get highlights to wear any other style, otherwise only the mousy color will show.

  • you need to figure out what your priorities are:

    - keep the same color and the same hairstyle, because you don't wanna color it.

    - get another color to be able to get a new hairstyle


    - get another hairstyle and ''F*** that!'' to the mousy color.

  • You could flip it inwords like twards your neck and face it looks nice and your hair is still relatively straight

  • I think to keep that natural blond is to do some coloring to it or just keep your mousy hair color look.

  • i'm dead tired of my dark brown/orangish hair, too.

    I want to get highlights, but my mom thinks it'll look bad on me.

    I'm trying to grow my hair 3 more inches out so it actually goes past my boobs, I don't like my hair length now, it's at an "uncertain phase".

  • Why can't you use hair styling products, straighten it or curl it?

    • because they change color after doing it.