If a guy leaves an article of clothing at your house, should you wash it before you return it?

This guy who came over to study left his hoodie, should I wash it before I return it? Would that seem weird? Or should I just give it to him as is?


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  • If you wash it it can be viewed as sweet. Just don't mess it up.

    If you don't wash it... no harm done.

    You are safer not washing it but it wouldn't hurt your chances if you do wash it without messing anything up.


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  • I wouldn't think much into it it doesn't matter anyways the main thing that you might want to consider is did he leave it there on purpose to give you a reason to talk to him or see him? And if he might of try not to jump to conclusions just keep it in mind when you return it to him

  • um I would wash it because that would nice to him lol.

  • Lol I wash articles of clothing when people leave them at my place all the time. But I am kinda a clean freak!

  • I wouldn't wash it.