How do I deal with attractive women. HELP!!!

A couple of days a go I might met a foreign student from France visiting in Orlando. I met her at a dance studio, when I approached her originally I didn't approach because of her attractiveness I was trying to help her getting into the right dance studio instead of an expensive one. She asked me to take her to the studio and I did. And later on she asked me to House of Blues for Latin Night. I never dealt with this sort of thing before in regards with other men trying to hit on her left and right. She tells me that she is not interested in those type of men. There was 4 of us in a group 2 boys 2 girls. There was a moment when I went to the bar and got some water, and when I came back she was dancing with some other guys. I didn't do anything, I just met this woman and we weren't really on a date and she wasn't being harmed. And throughout the majority of the dance I was just giving her enough space like good company, just until those guys showed up, and they danced pretty CLOSE! I felt like I could've done more. As far as what should I do when situations like that or something worse come into place?


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  • She's telling you her type and asking to go places? Either you're her new "gay best friend" (unlikely) or she's at least a little interested. I'm guessing her type is the "steers a girl in the right direction for dance studio value with no ulterior motive" kind of guy, in which case you could have been more assertive. Not with romantic attention but getting to know a person, "we can be real mates" sort of stuff. Dancing with other guys doesn't mean someone else hasn't caught your eye, either, so she might still be interested, but at the same time wary of making you her dancing partner in case you end up better as friends. Also, I'm under the impression that some girls dance with other guys to get someone else's attention, someone who they want to think of them as sexy. Go figure.

    • We all took separate cars, she wanted to do the traditional latin dancing, but she arrived much later then that so majority of the songs were reggaetone. The other guys just happened to be around the end when they were dancing a bachata. Actually they were surrounding us to begin with throughout. I left the two girls with the other two guys in the same group. Once I left to get some water that's when they outsiders showed up. Clubs is generally not my thing anyways. Its not a good crowd anyways.

    • Mm, well I don't think you'll have problem with women, honestly. I don't think the guys were more up her alley than you were, so for situations like this in the future I'd say keep doing what you're doing.


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  • She tells you that she is not interested in those type of men but when you turn your back she starts grinding with them. She obvioussly only needed you as a driver to get her to a club.

    Attractive women are used to get more than enough attention. You can try to compete with all the attention getters or just ignore her and them. Be nice towards her but don't do more.

    Spend your time with nice intelligent girls indeed.

  • She was / interested in you IMO. She just wanted to see if you were the jealous / assertive / alpha male type.

    I've learned the hard way the really attractive ones will do / say unbelievable things that'll make most men (*raises hand of him in his 20's) "not thing anything of it, she's just making conversation." Time to Man up dude.

  • Well if you haven't asked her out or anything not much you can do, if you did you could make it more obvious you were with her instead of a friend etc.