What to do with curly frizzy hair??

okay, my hair when I get out of the shower.. frizzes out. I sleep with the conditioner in.When I wale up its frizzy and curly I'm sick of having bad hair days any advice?


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  • Purchase a good anti frizz product such as the one John Freida makes and use it when your hair is wet. Also, try to have your hair dry before you go to sleep to keep it tame. Use higher quality shampoos and conditioners such as Samy, they are really great. Don't wash your hair every day, this will allow it to not be as dry. Products made by Samy are free of sulfates, so they won't dry out your hair. Unless you have greasy hair or scalp issues your hair should be fine washed every couple- few days (especially if you use good shampoos). However, the more products you use, the more often you need to wash your hair, so try to find a balance. I flat iron my hair to smooth it out, but if you don't just use leave in products and it should help. Oh and use a comb not a brush on your hair unless you want lots of frizz.


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  • I have the same problem with my hair!

    What I do is take a shower in the morning, brush it out and when it's still wet either put a little moose or hairspray in.

    Sort of like scrunching it but don't but as much in. It should make your hair curl naturally without the unruly frizz.


    Also, if you're thinking about straightening it, look into the Brazilian Chocolate Treatment. It's really good for your hair and lasts for a few months! =]

  • Buy the book "Curly girl" or at least look it up..i had the same problem until I changed the way I cleaned and treated my hair

  • mousse, and anti-frizz stuff.