Moisturizer, Primer, Concealer, Foundation?

Is that the correct order? I don't have acne, just one pimple at the moment... but I do have some blemishes on the far outer regions of my cheeks and dry skin in the chin area =/ That usually makes putting make-up on a hassle because you can see the flakiness under the make-up. I bought TooFaced primer today to smooth out my skin and have a better canvas for my make-up. So is that the order you ladies use? And any experience using TooFaced primer? Thanks =)


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  • Well, most girls put the concealer AFTER the foundation; however, if you find putting it beforehand is no problem, then I say go for it. Some people with redness use a green stick, then concealer and then foundation, so it is possible.

    This might help:



    • I'm using the Stila perfecting concealer. It's a similar to my skin color. Have you had any experience using this? It's pretty pigmented so I feel like putting it on after my foundation would be noticeable...and thanks for the link! =)

    • No ma'am. I find that concealer hates my skin and just does not look right or good for me at all.

      some people like the concealer to be noticeable, cause it lightens the area. It would bother me personally, so I get what you mean. If it works well for you, then continue doing that


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  • The order is about right. But why so many layers at your age? You really shouldn't apply so much unless you have severe acne. It doesn't appear that you do. Just use a light foundation to even things out. Keep it light and natural as possible. :)

    • Well, I feel like that what most 20-something year olds are doing... Everyone looks so polished nowadays.

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    • agree. too much foundation can make you look older and let your skin breathe for goodness sakes!

  • I find that most girls put concealer after foundation. If you have severe acne some girls do put the concealer first, but if you only have a few pimples, it's smarter to use foundation before because that way you can see how much that covered up and then go in with concealer on the spots you felt didn't get enough coverage from the foundation. Also you should use a setting powder after all of it because if you don't it will all just smear off throughout the day. But yeah the order is right :) just switch the foundation and concealer and it's perfect haha

    • gotcha, that makes sense. Thanks for the advice! =)

  • Moisturizer, Primer, Foundation, Concealer.

  • Moisturizer /Primer - It even outs your skin complexion and helps your make up stay on longer through out the day. (You can use both the moisturizer and primer or just one.)

    Concealer - Cover up any unwanted pimples, blemishes, spots and scars.

    Foundation - Extra cover up and to even out as well, to blend well with the concealer and skin tone.

    When I used to wear all that, I have always put on concealer before the foundation. Always seem to get better coverage that way.

    I have never used nor heard of TooFaced primer.

  • yes and you can end it with powder, cause foundation has a tendacy to make you look shiny after a while

  • yes.