How much does it hurt to get your tongue peirced?

I already have got a stud in my nose and ear lobes peirced and want to get my tongue done then I'll be finished. How bad does it hurt? And how do they do it? I want mine mainly so I can get one of those viberating studs lol :P


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  • First if you do it, expect everyone to ask you the same question. Which kind of annoy me.

    Second body modification isn't accessorising. I mean when you get a tatto or a piercing, the pain come with it its kind of a "i deserve it" test, so if you really want a piercing you're not gonna choose a spot over another cause it hurt less. Its part of the process.

    Otherwise (for me) it doesn't hurt that much. The helix ear piercing hurt me more than the tongue. The thing is your tongue will become swollen for about a week. You're gonna have to learn how to eat with, it speak with it... Expect some self "teethy" bite which might hurt a bit. You'll have to eat ice cream and cold thing for a day or two, then smashed or processed mixed food for around 4-5 days. I advise you to eat with a spoon first, then reintroduce a fork when you're more used to it.

    You'll have to restrain yourself of drinking alcohol,smoking, kissing and oral sex for a moment. I saw you're underage but you never know.

    As for taking a painkiller or numb it before, expect more pain after than usual, and it can cause trouble with blood to the piercing guy.

    One last tip: Do it at an experienced piercing shop, they should not put it to close of your upper front teeth, otherwise you're gonna end up with a lisp

    • Thanks...I'm just thinking about it and wanted to know more about it. Good answer.


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  • None, if you numb it.

    Not numbed? Imagine biting your tongue...

  • Ehhh such a turn off-it hurts btw

    • lol I'm sorry, did I ask that? I'm fully aware that peircings can be a turn off, as can any other feature of a person. But thanks for your opinion anyway :P

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  • all piercers say the same thing, it is the place that hurts the least to pierce. But the tongue will swoll and you will have to eat liquid foods for a couple of days