How can I tell if somebody likes me?

I really like this guy but I'm not sure if he likes me. I catch him looking at me sometimes, but maybe its just my imagination.


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  • yeah.. its sometimes hard to read when someone likes you isn't it? it's not just that everyone's different, but I actually FLIRT differently depending on what sort of girl she is. with more confident girls, its easy because my confident side comes out and when we talk, my eyes are fixed on her, especially noticeable in a group. you can just tell.

    with my current crush (read my Q!) she's really shy and cute so I kind of feel that way too because I'm selfconscious about making the right moves.

    one surefire way, when you get really close to him, passing him in the hallway etc., there should be some kind of electricity. usually your instinct can tell if its just you or if its coming from both of you. say an innocent "hi", and if he says it back with a smile, or a shy kinda look he likes you.


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  • He probably likes you. But it depends how he looks at you. I know, it's general and doesn't really answer your question, but it's true.

  • Hi,

    It depends on the how long he looks,is it a casual glance,or is it a look which borders on the stare.Also if you like him what is preventing you from talking to him?Once you start talking it will be easier for you to find out.Good luck


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