If a girl looks at you like "you actually talk"...

is that a good thing

im a relatively shy guy, but once you get to know me I'm very talkative

ive been in a class for about 8 weeks now, and I've been quiet, I recently just started to talk a lot in it, and she looked at me like "you actually talk" is that a good thing?

how should I react?


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  • I used to be pretty shy, kind of like you describe. But to get to your question, just act like you normally would around your close friends, even though these are just classmates. But, there's no reason to just show them a black and white color version of yourself, show some color now and then, mix it up, keep people on their toes, that's what I do/try to. What happens sometimes is that people get used to patterns, even if it's of other people actions. This even happens without realizing it sometimes. But the change from the pattern is sticks out, like tension from the normal pattern. It's like with music, changes stick out when we don't expect them. You ever hear a song that just all of a sudden changes and you didn't expect it, or see it coming; curiosity sets in - sometimes it's like "huh, how'd they do/think of that, do that more often?" This was probably similar, she was probably not expecting you to know the answer and was like "huh, that was kind of insightful, if he knew that one why doesn't he ever answer more questions?"


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  • It doesn't mean anything either way. She is just surprised because you're not who she thought you were. Just start talking more. People used to say that very same thing to me all the time. Now they NEVER do.

  • I think it is because it says she's been paying attention to you to know that you don't talk. If you were that weird smelly kid in the back of the class who never talked, she probably wouldn't comment if you actually did talk. Start talking more!

    That actually happened to me one time I didn't know anybody in the class so I didn't talk much. One time a guy caught me talking to someone and said the exact same thing and I didn't know how to react either lol. But looking back on it that's what I think it was.


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